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The Beginning Of Another One

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Since the game's launch on August 28 for Xbox? One, PlayStation? 4 and PC, players have played almost 50 percent more games in Madden 21 coins compared to the initial week of Madden NFL 20. Furthermore, The Yard, the brand new backyard football inspired mode in Madden NFL 21, has been a hit with gamers, with over 17 million games played with already. The Yard brings fast-paced, small-sided gameplay to the Madden NFL franchise also offers new ways for players to express themselves through deep customization options and relaxed rules which allow for creative gameplay moments and trick plays like behind the back throws and double passes.

"After the most successful year in business history, fans are now playing more Madden than ever before. In the last weeks, gamers have shown their enthusiasm for Madden using a great deal of excellent feedback and stellar engagement in Madden NFL 21," said Seann Graddy, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS Madden NFL. "We genuinely appreciate the fans who have been playing Madden NFL 21 and we're eager to bring new developments, experiences and content with our live service upgrades throughout the year."

At the first seven days of Madden NFL 21, players have finished over 460,000 seasons of football, giving a distinctive look at how the 2020 NFL season may unfold. Jackson is one of the top ball carriers throughout the game, with the second most rushing touchdowns of players, and the top rushing yards among quarterbacks and also the 2nd most passing touchdowns.

For his part, Mahomes is the very best quarterback with Cheap Madden 21 coins the most passing touchdowns and passing yards per game. Not to be overlooked, is the impact of six-time Super Bowl Champion and recently minted Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady who helped raise usage of the Buccaneers by over 850 percent compared to last year and put the team on top of the NFC South.

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