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Why EA has no incentive to correct Franchise mode

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asked Nov 20 in Other by Weiweismart (180 points)

Don't get it twisted though some people will exploit things on the market. Franchise, superstar, FOF, are barebones. Those get tired fast. Buddies Squads can be enjoyable and draft champions if you have a few but you'll run into cheese. H2H on the internet is playground. 95% of it's blitzing, stretch, qb run, inside zone, corners that are rollout. Early in the Madden nfl 21 coins season its fine but by Thanksgiving to Christmas they discharge the hell hounds. To be fair Madden is more of an game than a football game. Watch YouTube movies to learn how to perform with MUT. Do NOT use football theories that are actual. They almost never get the job done.

This may appear obvious but with Franchise Mode trending, it's worth mentioning. Once you purchase Madden 21, EA has gotten all. Is after they purchase the game, they continue to earn money. If you would like change in CFM you need to stop paying for new Madden games. It should not be hard this year keeping playing Madden 20 because it's exactly the same. Depends what system you're on. If you are on Xbox, I love as it is possible to get, That Franchise Guy's up to date as possible with stats, transactions, and contracts.

There's Franchise Football Community on discord which has rosters from 2002 all the way until the 2020 year (they have draft classes until 2023 at the exact same timeframe). I don't know for PS4. Or you might fo back into the older games like 05 and have a better time till they fix the game generally and stop together with the bandaid fixes. I totally second this. I feel confident telling you guys you will have so much more fun going back into the age matches that are Xbox/PS2. I simply complimented a year in Madden 16 and even that has been way better than what we have now. The reality is, even if they add to franchise, the gameplay is animation heavy and it has ruined this game. Go back and play older versions, it's way better.

Question cause I never load up MUT. What investments are they making to it? Making fresh cards? Gameplay is precisely the same from what I know. They think MUT getting new cards, that's the sole way using a game style such as MUT work, means EA cares if it's really the bare minimum, and they even stopped putting out home rules with like 6 weeks left in madden, when house rules was supposed to be a significant improvement this year. MUT doesn't get much invention because the game mode does have tons of stuff that needs it but MUT players don't care, we simply want new cards along with promos consistently.

Does not matter, 80 percent the MUT players that drop cash that is real are directly hooked on the manner. They would lose money on packs however shitty things obtained. Question cause I never load up MUT. What investments are they currently making to it? Making cards that are fresh? Gameplay is the same from what I understand. I believe it has to do with programming challenges, designing and coding places, and designing cards. I could be wrong, but I could easily see them spending most of cheap mut coins madden 21 their time trying to figure out how to earn MUT challenges potential to everyone while making them difficult enough to get people to cover rather than grind.

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