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It is important not to keep your child on the Potty Training With Ladder

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asked Jan 13 in English by bigboomidea (120 points)

It is the caregiver who should sense when his child is ready and it is not worth following only what their peers already know.

If we notice that the child's defecation times are normalizing and we are able to predict when "it" will occur - we can start Potty Training.

It is important not to keep your child on the Potty Training With Ladder for too long by reading to him or otherwise entertaining him. It is just unhealthy. We should also remember that starting potty training too late may lead to defecation disorders, hiding during this activity, daytime wetting or urinary tract infection in a child.

We should also remember that a small child involved in play may forget to call out to the toilet. With time, such situations will become less and less.

And let's not start potty training in difficult moments in a child's life. For example, during illness, divorce, moving house, or a tense atmosphere at home. You should also not embarrass your little one and punish him for peeing and pooping in his panties. This will only discourage him and make his bowel movements and learning to use the potty feel stressful.

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