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This one is used mainly by high-level gamers because of huge costs.

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asked Jan 13 in Business Studies by Dingbest (980 points)

This one is used mainly by RuneScape gold high-level gamers because of huge costs. Red chinchompas and Dark chinchompas are ranged weapon/ammunition utilized to strike monsters in 3x3 aoe field. By hitting many monsters in the exact same time for high damage player can receive amazing experience prices. This technique usually is used on Ape Atoll after finishing Monkey Madness 2 pursuit. It also requires high Ranged stats because it is not worth using when your hits are low.

LOW LEVELS 1-28 DARTS AND KNIVES. From level 1 all the way to level 28 you want to use Darts or even Knives to train your Ranged level. Those may look kind of pricey initially but you won't require too many to level up. They have fine accuracy and strikes and can be gotten from Grand Exchange. You ought to be constantly using Knives over Darts since they're better but if you can not manage them Darts are okay alternative. At the start, you want to begin with Iron weaponry and change to Steel at level 5. Level 28 unlocks an ability to wield Dorgeshuun Crossbow that's an wonderful weapon for this particular time. It's a fantastic hit, accuracy, and costs almost nothing. Furthermore, bone bolts which could be shoot at this piece of gear are extremely cheap (approximately 6 coins per bolt). But that's still not all - you can equip Godbook or Shield on your next hand as it is a one-handed crossbow. All this makes it a perfect weapon to educate all of the way to level 50. Even though Dorgeshuun Cbow is amazing for leveling in this stage you may still need something else. If you can afford to lose some money and need a different weapon you may use regular crossbows. Although they have greater bonuses than Dorgeshuun they cost much more. Cost of Adamant Bolts on Grand Exchange today is right now over 30 times larger than the purchase price of Bone Bolts which makes using those a significant money waste. This is just another great weapon after your bone shooting companion. With Magic Shortbow you can use Rune arrows to shred your opponents. It's a unique attack which allows you to hit twice with a single shot. It is possible to additionally imbue you Magic Shortbow using a distinctive scroll that you can get for quite cheap from Grand Exchange. This will greatly enhance the accuracy of the weapon as well as lower the price of special strike from 55% to 50 percent. From level 61 you ought to begin using Rune Crossbow which can shoot Bolts around the Runite tier. It has better overall stats compared to Magic Shortbow but does not have a special attack. If you have level 55 Slayer you can use Broad Bolts that are a much cheaper alternative to the Runite ammunition. They give a marginally worse bonus for your attacks but they cost approximately four times . If you can not manage Rune Bolts or do not fulfill Slayer prerequisites for Broad Bolts subsequently stick to Magic Shortbow with Rune Arrows. This weapon ought to be utilized as your primary one until level 75 since better ones are incredibly expensive to get and to use generally.

LEVELS 64+ DRAGON CROSSBOW. At level 64 you are able to sew a much better choice to Rune Crossbow. This is a really pricey weapon since its cost varies around 4mil. Dragon Crossbow is the primary one to take Dragon Bolts which are better than their Rune choice but also cost more. If you have cash to invest this is the next weapon to get and should not just skip this part. Similarly to Dragon Crossbow, this is a very modest increase to your Ranged ability that'll cost you a good deal. In case you have enough money then go to OSRS Gold For Sale it and buy one but if not you may want to skip this component. As mentioned before boost to your ability is minimal and the cost is enormous.

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