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Using A Completely Empty Team

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asked Jul 23 in Business Studies by Kingang (600 points)

Their purpose would be you would have the ability to go more in depth with your players and the media for one specific place I.E OC/DC. Your WR wants? You centre Madden 21 coins plan around them and continue to be able to win. Your DE does not feel well? Him sits out for a game. This type of stuff which Madden kinda worked on but to much. The AI aggressiveness will be put on a slider and you would set it to 90 per 25, should you would like a really hard challenge. Wanting to have some fun with all the boys? 15 should be good. Want to kick back and see if you can reconstruct your favorite team by going from the ground up? Place so u do not have a higher prospect of being fired. AI coaches and human coaches would have to look at if stated coach is a scheme fit because of their system and could get a mini bonus or a mini debuff to their staff if they don't sign someone who doesn't adhere to the same strategy.

There is a lot of stuff that needs adjusting including on-field gameplay like when neither group can grab the ball and it turns into a soccer game or scrum at the middle of the field or when a player becomes a seal doing tricks and balancing the ball on his head running down the area. It's shit all around really and its been like that for years including broken money plays. I believe that the issue is Madden NFL 21 was shit for so long now it is going to require real money to fix the issues and they waited so long that it is beyond what the company can pay to repair.

Can we not offer the narrative mode Longshot a pass? They put funds into creating a storied mode that nobody discounted franchise and asked for. That was two decades of madden that might have severely helped the franchise mode, but rather gave us a shitty story that one of the executives thought could be a cool feature. They clearly don't want you in business but they understand they must have it to maintain the customer base. They do not have plans to change and know just what they're doing.

EA concentrate on cheap Madden 21 coins and completely would ditch Franchise Mode if they can. It would be stupid not to. The more difficult they email it in, the more likely they are to lose a contingent of supporters that celebration Madden NFL 21 on reddit, review websites, along with youtube. Drive those lovers off and you're left with MUT pups who couldn't give a shit and love Madden NFL 21 because it is. If those old, angry, single participant franchise heads render... all the fucking better for EA. It'll all be rainbow and sun reviews and information. We expect if it is not in their interest to give a shit about 22, EA to give a shit about Franchise. It doesn't make them any money.

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