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OSRS is in a way better condition than pre-eoc

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asked Jul 24 in Business Studies by MMOruki (440 points)

"Bloat" has been the term I was searching for buy RS gold when comparing modern, bloated games to the superior games of the past. Thank you for that. OSRS is a perfect example of getting back to basics that are solid, together with the inclusion of modern conveniences as you mentioned and cutting off bloat. Delete OSRS and bring classic. PVP is straightforward, you struggle, no eating, three strikes guaranteed, no running, no teleporting. No more complaints about safing or jogging. Duel everywhere! Everywhere is now for visiting some shack in the desert no more need, the duel arena. Everybody's an Ironman! It just takes sooooo fucking long that you're better off just doing it yourself, not because you can't trade. After the time of attempting to stop the multipler you'll understand.

No longer OP gear! D Square, Dragon battle axe, and D med are currently BiS. Chainmail is now important since plate bodies eliminate gloves. We want choices, just not that many. Last but not least! Everybody knows robots can not read captchas, botting has become obsolete!Jagex, I am available whenever you're ready. Nothing could ever compare to pre eoc for me. RSHD, Nex, Summoning, Dungeoneering, WGS, RotM, a number of other questlines and minigames, also probably most significantly the very distinct game community back then were all the summit of rs for me personally. As imbalanced as they were, they attracted sheer joy to me, and I am glad I was able to experience them all in glory before matters died out.

Ideals and attitudes toward RuneScape changed since then though, game balance and longevity is given more focus now, so I am content with all that staying just a memory now. Game-wise? OSRS is in a way better condition than pre-eoc and it's not even close. There's so much more good content and the content is balanced for the most part. The JMods actually execute things the players need and listen to opinions. Is that the quantity of quests that were coming out afterward. Community-wise? Pre-eoc was better. People always speak about stealing soul wars, creation and all sorts of things they recall having fun with. They would be ghost towns unless they place some wages that are overpowered in if they put those items into OSRS. The neighborhood mindset has fundamentally changed and it'll not be like it was back then.

Wheel of Fortune stinks, but the Iron encounter is in fact very nice and eliminates the matter. There's a lot more to do in RS3, and some zones look amazing in the customer. The 6th age storyline is really good, so I suggest checking it out if you prefer lore. Additionally, leveling in overall feels more engaging (minus agility. Agility sucks. You all have any rooftop courses to spare?) That's also not the purpose. They're not saying they don't understand to go do quests, they're saying they're overwhelmed, and I don't blame them.

As an OSRS buddy of mine put it"I know doing quests is vital, but my point is that RuneScape just kinda tosses you into this location with shit everywhere, what is an event. And it's like, I don't even have an axe... or do I? While being bombarded with:'pick up leaves for the leaves on the floor day occasion! Also it is christmas & halloween in exactly the exact same time and do the yak open some gambling chests and proceed these 5 quests now! There's just so much shit happening all the time and if you are new, you don't have time to cheap OSRS gold get all." The problem isn't"what if I do?" It's if they can find RuneScape out.


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