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I don't even think it is a case of people I'd imagine most people

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asked Jul 25 in French by Megaomgchen (320 points)

I don't even think it is a case of people I'd imagine most people have never played with the first. I believe PC players are only starved for a new MMO experience right now. I believe that MMO high is being chased by everyone. They have under estimated how many people would play Phantasy Star Online 2. We have 3 ships over here, in comparison with the 12 in JP. It's insane to me that a game would be released by them to PSO2 Meseta for sale this much bigger audience and expect for it to perform good with a portion of funds. And it showsthe client can't manage the number of players packaged in the lobbies and of the time is currently running 10FPS.

When I completed the tutorial will be the outside of hud elements even without these difficulties I noticed, the user interface is dreadful. Everything is at a submenu, actually equipping anything requires you to directly click an item, then enter your character sheet, then realize that, well that was futile as it doesn't admit that you were selecting a piece of equipment, and then go through another menu in your character sheet to equip items. Oh, got some scratch cards? Go into this random menu at the store section, then no where on the page does this tell you how you can use them, don't worry, just right click on this random section where it essentially says you'll need to pay, then enter a right-click menu, and also one of those options is, from the like, six, is"make use of the scratch ticket".

Put that type of obfuscation over each and every menu item. It's -so- weird, and it's been like this I can not even fathom how weird the menus are about a controller, as this doesn't appear to gain any player.I've been playing it on Xbox for a few weeks and holy shit that the UI is so fucking obtuse it makes it so hard to work out anything. I'm really trying hard to come to grips with it although I know it's an old game. And like I would like to play with it and that's what is making me push through. I can't imagine what people are going to use it. It is just what. Selecting a mission. Equipping an item. Upgrading a weapon. It is just a nightmare and poorly explained. I go in and I whack at things and the enjoyable of it, but at level 25 and after a couple of weeks of casual play, I don't have any idea of what I'm actually intended to be trying to achieve.

It's a massive bummer people have some issues with it. I was able to get in and play for about an hour or so and gameplay-wise I had been having a good enough time. It feels just like I remember PSO playing. The interface is really awful. Selecting another story mission was two screens and a woman at a kiosk. I understand Phantasy Star Online 2 is old. I think if you can get beyond this and need a loot that is dumb grind you could do worse. If that is worth the huge install size to you is another thing.This is very good to understand; I had to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta stop here so that I did not see much past it. But I am expecting to get back this afternoon and mess around some more. After I was banging out Kirkland's Best rappies I had been having a good time.

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