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Madden NFL 21 Screenshots May Reveal Limited Ray Tracing

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Madden NFL 21's announcement throughout the inner Xbox event in early May left several lovers curious to learn more. Its succeeding reveal during last week's EA Play occasion tantalized with teases for gameplay improvements. Now, a new pair of Madden NFL 21 Coins screenshots are embracing just how far the new game is moving forward visually. Especially, these four screenshots show that Madden NFL 21 will be utilizing ray tracing, at least next-gen consoles.

To be fair, the only clear usage of beam tracing in the new Madden NFL 21 screenshots is rather limited. Nevertheless, it is a great improvement and provides a fresh layer of caliber to the visuals that was absent before.

To be fair, the degree of the beam tracing being used in these screenshots, let alone the entirety of Madden NFL 21 isn't known. If anything, it's probably severely restricted. It may not even be ray tracing. The helmet reflections may not be a legitimate reflection, but instead a approximation employing a Lambeau Field texture. There doesn't seem to be anything else at the manifestation, players, team personnel, officials, or some fans. It's just an empty field around where the lovers are with noise.

Also noteworthy is that the two screenshots showing what seem to be raytraced reflections are equally cinematic sequences in Madden 21. One seems to be Adams performing a party, maybe opting to get a Lambeau Leap, and the other reveals the Packers coming on the field from the tunnel. Neither are game sequences that are live. In reality, screenshots in the set that do appear to show gameplay don't appear to possess raytraced reflections. They have some lively lighting.

Suffice to say how Madden NFL 21 uses ray tracing, incuding whether it is beam remains to be detailed. With just a year to iterate on last year's Madden, nobody's expecting cutting edge images improvements, but some small ray tracing additions would certainly be welcome. Ray tracing is going to be an intriguing graphics feature to Buy Madden 21 Coins listen to as the next generation of consoles arrives. With the first tide of game statements of Sony now having been created, ray tracing was used by only a handful of matches. And of these, ray tracing was utilized in a restricted manner. So far it has not created a splash after beam tracing was touted as a significant improvement in 2019. Maybe it just requires more time for developers to learn how to use it economically.

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