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I Do Not Need Dates/Months From The Roadmap

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asked Aug 15 in Business Studies by Kingang (1,140 points)

Let me begin this with saying what I believe you're talking about something besides what I mean and while I'm not stating that the content of your comment is untrue I doubt the relevancy to my original question. In a 2018 update (see post here) the following is cited. My request is for the same to happen to the minions. The fact that they can be iron elligible via hp regen seems irrelevant for this OSRS gold as you can't always be sure which minions are not elligible before entering and waiting for their hp to regen would take much to long till you are certain they are barely damaged.

While killing the supervisor and leaving started minions would have precisely the identical impact it does not seem to invalidate anything I said or the need for my request. However hitting on the main boss and departing definately despawns and then later respawns the supervisor as is cited in the upgrade article. I acknowledge that you're technically correct, on account of this JMod's use of the word'spawn'. I may have misunderstood the mechanisms at play here. If I hurt Kril, then leave the room, does he despawn? Why I keep finding worlds with reside minions but minus Kril? I thought Kril simply reset / treated. That isn't what I believed or anticipate would occur. I might waste an ecumenical key to check this.

Back to Ape Atoll following conclusion of MM

Please reevaluate letting pures back to Ape Atoll following completion of MM. I made a, what I thought was a well thought out article on why they should be permitted back, and I can tell the hate for pures is strong within this particular community. You can even gate them from obtaining adamant gloves; I believe being able to return to Ape Atoll wouldn't be some PvP game-changer for accounts that completed MM during the first years of OSRS.

My reasonings include:The Dragon Scimitar is an outdated weapon: mid-tier pking relies on ranged as main dps. In the past, the whip had been the strongest weapon, and while pures did capture 70 attack, it wasn't a positive weapon since it might just train assault.

Two-tick woodcutting is exclusive to Crash Island and Prif. Though pures can get Prif, there are some combat-restricted accounts that cannot perform the quest requirements for Prif (specifically prayer restricted accounts). Woodcutting is a novel discovery for runescape 2107 gold. There are now better training areas compared to chinning/bursting Skeleton gorillas, therefore it should not be seen as"a trade-off for NOT completing the quest". Clue measures added to Crash Island and Ape Atoll are inaccessible. Though clues are not exactly targeted to pures, they shouldn't be further punished for COMPLETING a pursuit.

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