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Look at the shot meter for 2K21

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asked Sep 5 in Economics by Dingbest (360 points)

What if they make it so the"perfect" zone doesn't appear unless the shooting characteristics are high enough? (Establish the bar at 75 or something.) That way centers with a 50 three can't green corner 3's at a consistent speed if they get down their shot and NBA MT Coins will always run the risk of missing the shot. Maybe the can make it where step backs, fades and twists also don't receive a"perfect" zone unless they get the Difficult Shots badge.

If I'm not mistaken in 19 as soon as you reach 85 three point attribute you have the"larger green window". I don't have any idea. Sharpshooter and the playsharp proved usable. Currently there is no reason not to have a defensive construct with max wingspan because anything over 60 three is sufficient to always green anywhere with like 6 badges. Hell you can green consistently in the corner with 45. It would be amazing to see this perfect / make window bigger the greater your three ball would be. This 2K it looks like all that matters was HZH.

I have a 2 Way Slash Play 9 shooting badges, and a Sharp Facilitator using 30 and that I honestly believe no real difference in shooting. I should say I feel no difference in shooting Wide Open. Together with HOF constant the Sharp Facilitator is fantastic to enjoy 50% contests to be fair. But still. Additionally badges have started to dominate NBA 2K21, becoming the only thing that things other than speed. I gotten to the point where I wish they got rid of them and let everyone play.

Agreed entirely, except I wish they would return to where (such as on 2K13 back in the PS3 days) there wasn't any shot meter and attribute caps were not affected by height or wingspan. When tons of players enjoy KD, that are 6'9" with a 7'5" or whatever wingspan, can handle as a guard and take just like butter, exist at the league and during its history there's no reason that having a taller, lengthier participant should make us good at ball handling as Artis Gilmore and as great at shooting as Shaquille O'Neal.

Also I wish they'd go back to a 5 badge maximum like how the older signature abilities used to work. And hell, I used to control people. I had a 6'9" 260 pound power forward who had no sigs except brick wall and dudes literally couldn't fuck with me. The way 2K is now is all about running a cheese build against who isn't running it can not compete or lineup and anyone you play. Older 2K used to be an actual skill gap. 99% of the players now, particularly some of Cheap 2K MT these streamer guys, would not stand a chance if it went back to the way it used to be because some construct in any size would be able to compete with them.

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