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RuneScape Devs Chat Creating Steps for Fans Throughout Quarantine

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been highly disruptive to the amusement market. As per a 2,500-person survey put from Runescape Developers Conference before its summer convention next month, one third of developers said COVID-19 led to OSRS gold delays. One recent delay has been Double Fine's Psychonauts 2, that was given a brand new release window.

Measures is the most recent aspect of RuneScape's Elder Gods questline, which has been in development since 2014. The overall story has been around for some time, but each individual piece must have its layout greenlit by stakeholders before start development in order that high-level lore can be disseminated in"accessible and interesting" ways. Game Rant talked with Jagex Designer David Osborne, Senior Games Designer Tim Fletcher, and Lead Content Developer James Crowther about how RuneScape is pushed by fans, and how work on Steps has been affected by world events.

Now this Desperate Measures update, which received its trailer, was being discussed during the design process for its own predecessor Desperate Times. "Creating content is an art, which type of imagination actually benefits from having folks around you to bounce ideas off of," Crowther said. "Whilst Zoom is perfectly functional, you do not get the same relationship with individuals which makes it more difficult to convey ideas."

The stress of working via a global pandemic, while handling responsibilities has led to development issues based on Crowther. There have been"hiccups" as a result of some advice not translating due to coworkers not being in the same room, similarly clarified by Jason Canam for Total Line Games' Skully as that team completed its polish and bug-testing phase over Discord. However, the Jagex developers are pleased with what they have managed to accomplish thanks to a"adaptable" staff, and there is a plan set up to do a lot more.

Osborne, who's overseen the rebirth of RuneScape because it transitioned from the Java-based Old School RuneScape (OSRS) into the HTML-based RuneScape 3 in 2013, stated the concept of forcing players to wait patiently on larger chunks of articles for Old School RuneScape Gold months felt like"the wrong approach." Instead, Jagex release version is to put out content every month so players may frequent the site. The content will not necessarily be a massive story pursuit, it may just include a few new objectives with"kickass rewards" Osborne said even these small events will build momentum at the overarching narrative.

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