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This Is Only One Of These

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asked Sep 16 in Business Studies by Kingang (920 points)

TL;DR: Current Gen was always going to be comparable. If Next Gen indicates no marked improvement, our ability to vote with NBA 2K MT Coins our wallets will win us a brighter future. 19 was better than 20 gameplay wise, 20 had better builds. No way. The move from job playing (whether it had been based on gameplay or builds) was significant. Most assembles can certainly do a little of everything which means that the gameplay is obviously better.

I understand you mean mechanics, however there are numerous things that add up to better gameplay and this is only one of them. I for one enjoyed the less iso nature of the game and the more team oriented defense/offense. Intimidator and pogo stick ruined the game. Pogo definitely. I am able to complete around intimidators by making them jump - but not if they can jump every second. Even Zion doesnt get back up that quickly.

Can there be a way to change who you utilize in the 2kU? The stick is horribly implemented. The simple fact that the sweet place could be anywhere randomly is dumb. It's a freaking carnival game and its gimmicky, not a skill difference.

This is really not true, the solution is always straight down. They do a terrible job of explaining this. Not it is not. I took at least 200 shots on 2ku yesterday from the exact same spot up top. The goal place changes every time and its own random. It definitely is, it's just sensitive and possibly miscalibrated. The window will appear at another portion of the meter, and this is random, but in which your mark is comparative to the green window will be straight down.

Not random; fairly sure it factors in how good a shot, how much you dribble, position/momentum, whether it's a hotspot for the how to get mt in nba 2k21 player, etc in addition to how close to center you pull back....did you take all 200 shots out of a standstill in the exact same spot? I agree with this. Weirdly the quickest way I started to understand the meter was intentionally missing left and right and beginning to find those patterns.

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