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I have bought every NBA 2K because the initial one on Dreamcast

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asked Sep 19 in Business Studies by Megaomgchen (740 points)

I know everyone enjoys chunk handling, but if you play at a team that has a good point guard, I think you should only give up ball handling and NBA 2K21 Mt add up your shooting stats. If you're open, your shield will discover and bangMainly cause I drive a lot to the rim and also get around 6-7 freethrows per match in rec.way money anyhow.

I have bought every NBA 2K because the initial one on Dreamcast. I have the physical current gen Mamba Edition pre-ordered from Best Buy since I need the steelbook case it includes. Sucks that all the Kobe MyPLAYER gear will not move however.

I'll be purchasing only because I do not even purchase 2k every year, so it was never a habit for me to throw away money anyway,frankly Kobe's passing. . .makes me want to connect with basketball in every way possible.So upgraded 2k is what I want right now.

Yes the myplayer builder is the same but why do a completely different one when that person as fine. Yes the game LOOKS the same. That is because current gen is pretty much maxed out on this engine. We haven't seen the parks that cheap nba 2k21 mt coins may or may not be a good thing. We've got a fresh myteam with a great deal of new features. We are obtaining a mycareer that looks better than the one of those mycareers we have gotten because 2k17.

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