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    Because every idea was once a question
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About KenLorg

KenLorg is a website from where you can get homework help from students, teachers and people from around the world, completely free!

Easy to use

Posting a question is as easy 2 steps: 1. Make an account, 2. Post Question!


We are developing an app for Android, just in case you want to use KenLorg easier for the phone.

Student and Teacher Community

We have a community of students and teachers who try and answer questions!

Huge range of subjects

We have a huge range of subjects that you can choose from, but if we missed some, please email us at: help@kenlorg.com


Learn more about this feature packed community


Get awarded badges.


Get an email every time someone answers your question.


Pretty big community of teachers and students.

Live Chat with expert*

*This feature is still in development.


Get quick answers to questions.


Point system with leaderboard.


Clean and friendly community.

Tons of subjects

Many different subjects to post questions on.

Free, Forever!

100% free with no hidden costs! Though we do love donations.

And much more!

Too many for this small space!


Read What The People Are Saying About Us

“I love KenLorg, getting answers is so easy from here!”

- Alex Santo, Student

“It's A Great And Helpful Website! Well Done!”

- Neha Najeeb, Student

“It Feels Great To Share Knowledge And Help People Out! I Love KenLorg!”

- Anonymous, Teacher

The Team!

See the people behind KenLorg

Faisal Qureshi, Founder and CEO

Abdullah Al Shirawi, Chief Communications Officer

You? Email us at faisal@kenlorg.com

Watch a Video About KenLorg

Watch this TEDx talk about KenLorg!

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